CHIC Shack Concept

The CHIC Shack project of micro-lofts is committed to offer modern architecture established in total respect with its environment. The high quality constructions built with a tasteful selection of materials, blend perfectly with the natural surroundings to preserve the visual and ecological harmony of the project.

A word from the Bonneville team

Bonneville Industries is proud to be part of the CHIC Shack project. With over 50 years experience in the field of modular construction, Bonneville has mastered the art of creating innovative housing, ecological concepts and high performance constructions.

Dan Bigras

Dan Bigras is the visionary behind the CHIC Shack project. This man with a passion for nature, sports and wild life preservation, intended to create a real estate project that would reflect the lifestyle of its occupants. “I want to change the relationship we have with nature by incorporating it into the homes so that it lives with us at all times and inspires us to go play outside. On a wooded site, walking distance from trails and La Rivière Rouge, you can enjoy an exceptional quality of life.

The CHIC Shack spirits

The CHIC Shack vision is simple: To create a residential area with minimal footprint on its territory while focusing on quality of life and comfort for its occupants. It offers architectural designs that allow for nature to be integrated in the interior living spaces. The Micro-lofts are cost efficient and low maintenance allowing you to enjoy fully all the leisures provided on the site.

A way of Life

Au naturel

Integrated Project

Located in the Laurentien forest, this unique and private project in La Conception near Mont-Termblant, offers a controlled architecture. The micro-loft are built on 10 feet posts allowing  a minimum footprint on the environnement. Each lots vary from 20 000 to 29 000 sq.ft. offering a spectacular back yard with lake access.

Multiple Activities

The CHIC Shack project is implanted in respect to its natural environment. The owners get to choose the geographical orientation of their micro-loft. Each has a private drive-way, access to La Riviere rouge as well as to private trails for hiking, biking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. All, only 8 km from Mont Tremblant.

Location! Location!

Why compromise when you can have it all? Your micro oasis located on an enchanting and intimate site only minutes away from the urban center of Mont Tremblant where you will find grocery stores, boutiques, restaurants and entertainment. Numerous services at proximity to fulfill all the possible needs of your daily life.

Economic and Performant

All proposed models offer open space and ergonomic living areas. Built according to high standards of construction, with quality materials, they offer substantial energy savings and reduced maintenance costs and time.


Inspired by Nature, the tiny houses conceived by Bonneville Industries offers 700 to 940 sf. of living space

Over View of Phase 1

The CHIC Shack project, it is 400 acres of unlimited playground & lake access


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